Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apartment Living Sucks - March 2014

Today, I got a call from my apartment complex office, demanding information on my renter's insurance. 

What business is it of theirs whether or not I have insurance on my belongings? 

Turns out that back in December 2012 they implemented a new policy requiring all residents to have renters insurance. Of course, they never bothered to get around to notifying all of the current residents that there was a new policy which affects us. The office crew are reviewing all the accounts this month, and calling people who have "failed to supply the proper paperwork". How can I supply information I had no knowledge was required?

I'm no fool; I've had renters insurance since the day I moved in. Now I have to find my policy to see what coverage amounts I have, and because this "new" policy of theirs requires minimum coverage amounts, if I don't meet the minimums I will have to buy more insurance. Oh, joy.

I'd like to say that I'm sick of all the things the apartment complex springs on the residents in a retroactive fashion, but sick isn't quite a strong enough word. 

I REALLY need to get my house-buying ball rolling faster! 

And win the lottery so I don't need a mortgage. ;-)


  1. That's not all that uncommon; it's in my lease as well

  2. I need to check my lease. When I changed my address with my auto insurance, they were asking about adding renters' insurance.